July 22, 2022

Partington Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are designed to transport heavy items using a L-Shaped ledge (Nose or Toe) on two wheels with a handle to push the load.

A sack truck, also known as a hand trolley, dolly, stack truck, sack barrow, cart, two wheeler or bag barrow originated in the 18th century to move large sacks of spices on docks by young boys, who were unable to lift the large sacks by hand. By using these Sack trucks, they were able to work as efficiently as grown men in moving these items around. In later years these Sack trucks were amended for use in many different industries, such as brewing where hops were moved in sacks, and relocation services, where removal companies manage heavy loads with hand trucks.

Modern day use includes moving of crates, furniture, white appliances, gas cylinders, food deliveries and various other heavy equipment. Some trucks are equipped with stair climber wheels, which are designed to ensure the sack truck can go up or down stairs with ease. These trucks have three wheels in a triangular configuration, ensuring there is always a wheel in contact with the surface of the stairs to ensure additional stability.

Hand trucks are fabricated from various different types of materials to facilitate light, medium and heavy duty lifting. The wheels are available in solid rubber or pneumatic tyres. Bigger wheel circumferences ensure easy climbing of curbs, whilst smaller wheels promotes agility.

Folding Nose or Toe sack trucks also makes storage during transportation easy.

With Partington Engineering’s Trolleys4u.com range of sack trucks there is no load to big or to small – we make Sack Trucks for them all. Our expert team advises on the type of trolley for the load, the correct wheel size, and the correct nose or toe length for your merchandise.

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