Enviromental Policy


This policy has been created to assist Partington Engineering Ltd in a manner which respects the environment and establishes procedures which the company and personnel should follow in order to ensure that compliance is maintained with current environmental legislation and to minimise our impact on the environment.


Our policy applies to all personnel irrespective of whether they are full or part time, temporary or permanent or on site or on customers sites. Our policy also applies to contractors or sub contractors or other persons working on our behalf either on site or on customers sites.

Company Responsibilities

To ensure that our policy is effective we will:
– Implement reasonable controls and measures to comply with relevant legislation
– Take appropriate steps to minimise our impact on the environment
– Develop appropriate procedures and guidelines to maintain compliance
– Introduce appropriate controls, training, instruction, information and supervision
– Endeavour to make continued improvements in our environmental performance
– Minimise our environmental impact by ensuring waste segregation and recycling is carried out where possible
– Review annually and where required update our policy and relevant environmental procedures
– Where required, work with suppliers, customers and local authorities to minimise our environmental impact
– This policy will be reviewed annually or following any significant change or following changes in legislation relating to our processes

Managing Director’s Responsibilities

The Managing Director will take a leading role in managing the company’s environmental matters, ensuring that issues are promoted within the business by:

– Setting appropriate standards and policies to meet legislation
– Ensuring that environmental matters are taken into account throughout the business
– Ensuring continued environmental compliance
– Where reasonable and appropriate, making available all necessary resources to ensuring our environmental impact is controlled and measured
– Delegating certain duties and responsibilities to key individuals within the business
– Using environmentally friendly products where appropriate
– Ensure that waste materials are recycled where possible

Operations Manager’s Responsibilities

The Operations Manager will ensure that the Environmental Policy and procedures are adhered to. This will be achieved by:

– Ensuring that any relevant environmental procedures or guidelines are brought to the attention of employees, contractors and sub contractors working on behalf of Partington Engineering Ltd
– Ensuring that employees and contractors under his control follow all relevant procedures relating to environmental systems
– Ensuring that environmental policies are adhered to both on site or on customer’s sites
– Assisting in the development of procedures and guidelines
– Liaising with suppliers and customers to ensure their environmental issues are complied with
– Dispose of waste via waste disposal routes ensuring that recycling is carried out where possible

Employees’ Responsibilities

All employees recognise that they have an important part to play in the success of this policy by:

– Complying with the environmental procedures and guidelines
– Switching off all plant and equipment when not in use
– Taking all necessary care to prevent contamination and spillages
– Cooperating with the companies management in all aspects of environmental management
– Dispose of waste in to relevant receptacles
– Ensuring that any environmental hazards are promptly reported to their manager
– Ensuring that all environmental incidents are properly reported in line with the companies procedures

Contractors’ and Sub Contractors’ Responsibilities

Our environmental compliance can only be maintained if contractors and sub contractors adopt our standards, therefore they will:

– Comply with the Environmental Policy and current environmental legislation
– Where required comply with customers environmental polices
– Take reasonable steps to prevent environmental damage from their activities
– Ensure that their plant and equipment is properly maintained and ensure that equipment is switched off when not in use
– Where appropriate, use environmentally friendly products
– Cooperate fully with the Operations Manager
– Promptly report all environmental incidents to the Operations Manager

Competent Persons

Partington Engineering Ltd will consult with competent persons as required to ensure that its environmental objectives are met.

Instruction, Training and Communication

Appropriate training and communication will be provided to ensure that employees, contractors and sub contractors are aware of their environmental responsibilities and to inform them of what measures they can take to ensure that Partington Engineering Ltd meets its environmental objectives. This will be achieved by:

– Issuing relevant policies, procedures and guidelines to employees, contractors and sub contractors
– Providing suitable training courses to enable employees to deal with specific areas of environmental control
– Provision of information through notice boards and posters
– Provision of tool box talks to employees, contractors and sub contractors
– Raising the profile of environmental issues throughout the business


All incidents that may have serious or have the potential for a serious environmental impact shall be immediately controlled and rectified. The Managing Director must be informed of all environmental incidents occurring within the business. If working on a customers premises then the Operations Manager will be informed of any incident or potential incident so that controls can be implemented.

On Site Procedures

– Work areas must be cleaned at regular intervals
– Waste must be segregated and disposed of via the appropriate method dependent upon the waste type
– Waste must be stored in suitable containers on site prior to disposal to minimise the potential for vermin and fires
– Waste must not be stored within 2 meters of any building on site
– Waste must be disposed of via licensed waste contractors with waste transfer tickets being retained for future reference
– Any spillages of hazardous substances on site must be absorbed and disposed of in a safe and controlled manner
– Should hazardous substances enter top water or foul watercourses then the relevant authorities must be informed immediately

Auditing and Monitoring

To ensure the effectiveness of the environmental policy, Partington Engineering Ltd will continually review and monitor its performance by:
– Carrying out regular audits and reviews of its environmental performance
– Provide feedback from audits to all relevant employees and clients
– Develop appropriate action plans where required which will enable new initiatives to be identified and improvements to be implemented