July 19, 2022

Partington Engineering Cash & Carry platform trolleys

Partington Engineering’s, Trolleys4u range of Cash and carry platform trolleys are home in many a cash and carry wholesaler, not only designed to ease the operators experience, but also designed to last for many, loaded years.

Ever thought where the term Cash and Carry originated from?

This expression originated in the first half of the 1900s. It comes from the idea that consumers pay for their items in cash and then carry them away. This became the cornerstone of many a modern retail business.

The cash and carry concepts of the 1900’s evolved into the Tesco’s. Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons stores of today.

After the retail revolution, a large variety of independent convenient shops opened doors in smaller villages, – this created the need for bulk wholesalers of food stuffs, which became known as the modern day Cash and Carry’s often offering discounted pricing for bulk purchases.

Today there are a number of these wholesalers dotted around our landscape, with some of the industry giants being Bestway Wholesale, The grocer, KD Wholesalers and Lucky Cash and Carry to name but a few.

The key to a comfortable, and efficient wholesales shopping experience is of course a good quality cash and carry trolley. For the shopper, this industry leading cash and carry trolley designed and manufactured by Partington Engineering comes with 200mm rubber type castors and a 500kg carrying capacity. The basket is suitable for smaller items, whilst the load bed’s carrying capacity insures that it is fit for any load.

The Wholesaler can rest assured that with the bed that is sprung and front castors that are fixed (rear castors are swivel type) the trolleys can nest with ease in large numbers, taking up minimal storage space, and with its durable powder coated finish, they will look as good as they work for many years to come.

For a Cash and Carry Platform Trolley made especially for you – Partington Engineering’s Trolley4u range of trolleys will not only keep your customers happy, they will keep your customers coming back for more.

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